The Kirby Kangaroo Club is a great way to introduce kids to saving at their credit union. With the help of Kirby Kangaroo, kids learn the importance of saving and the benefits of becoming a member of a credit union-traits that will benefit kids their whole lives! Credit unions offer this terrific program to younger members to let them (and their parents!) know that credit unions care about them and want to help them do well in life. In other words, credit unions are taking the first steps toward establishing a relationship that will hopefully last a lifetime.


Click the following link to visit the Kirby Kangaroo Club website.



Kirby Share Certificates


Kirby Share Certificates are available to members for a 12 month term with a $300.00 balance required at a rate of 0.20% with an annual percentage yield of 0.20%.


Kirby Kangaroo Club


Balance RequiredRateAPY*
$5 and above 0.03% 0.03%
APY* = Annual Percentage Yield
Rates subject to change without notice.